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Utada — I Don't Love You lyrics

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* I don't love you
I just saw you
Lovin' someone else
Oh I don't love you
Cause I know you
Playin' your self

You took me out to see the stars
They shone so bright and flickered in the sky
You tell me that you're only lovin' me
Oh baby I don't think you're the type

[* repeat]

I saw you comin' and I said
Why not try playin' with your head
But then you knocked me off my feet
It's too late
You saw me lovin' someone else
It's too late
And now I'm sittin' by myself

I knew it when I first saw you
You're the type who plays on the mind
I see you tryin' to get to me
Oh baby I suggest you think twice

[* repeat]

Baby can we be friends
Without you I feel left out
I can't deal with it no more Baby
I'm so sorry
So sorry

Please try to understand
I tried so hard not to fall in love with you
You keep on ignorin' me baby
Now I know you're gonna hurt me too

I don't love you anymore
Don't love you
I don't love you anymore
Don't love you