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Sammie — I Can't lyrics

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[Verse 1:]
I had a good girl,but I did her bad
Now I'm thinkin how, I can get her back
She was my best friend, and I love her so
Hey... Listen
And it's killin me, to ever think that I,
Would ever loose my pretty baby to some other guy
Can't nobody love you like I do
I'll do anything to get wit you girl

It's like a sun without shine baby
It's like a clock that don't tell time baby
No matter how I try baby
I can't I can't
You're the air that I breath baby
You're everything I need
Baby without you I'm so incomplete baby
I can't I can't

[Verse 2:]
It's been 3 months 2 weeks since i felt your touch
And a brotha can't eat can't sleep cuz i miss you so much
Somebody take this weight off my shoulder
Baby I juss wanna hold ya
It gets hard without you in it if you aint on my team then i know i aint winnin

Remember when we first started holdin hands we couldn't let go
And now that we're seperated baby i'm loosin control
I'm starin at this dead end street my lady dont know which way to go
i'm missin your mind your body your spirit baby girl and your soul

[Chorus 2x]


[Chorus till end]