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Sammie — Feel For Her lyrics

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I wasn't checking you
Become my best friend
I did all I can do
To show her different
But in the scheme of things
I kinda lost my range
And I found myself wanting
To be with her in another way
Tell me what am I do when
I think of her each and everyday
And I can't believe
She's got me trippin'

You're the only girl in my dreams
And I really want to get to know you
Cutest things that I've ever seen
How I wish I could get with you
Every night when I say my prayers
I pray to God that we'll be together
Girl I want you and no one else
You'll be in my heart forever

Even though she treats me like her best friend
Tell me all the secrets that she keeps in
She don't have a clue the things I'm thinkin'
If she only knew that I fell for her


She's an angel with a lot of love
And she never treats me different
Every time that I think about her
My heart beat starts to skipping
Should I let her know the best of
My thoughts that I never mentioned
If I let it out she will know about
Everything that I've been wishing

[2: x2]

Ooh yeah, oh fell for her baby
(Uh-huh and I really want)
(To get to know you)

(What, could you with you)
(What, uh-huh, yeah, what)
(Yeah, what, what)
Ooh yeah, oh

[2: till end]