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About D-Side

D-Side is an Irish boyband. Established in 2001, by twins doctor and dentist Rory and Eoghan Mac Sweeney they were signed to Edel records. Edel brought in top UK manager Kim Glover to manage the band after her success with New Kids on the Block, Ant & Dec, (as PJ & Duncan), B*Witched and Let Loose. Glover secured their entry into Japan getting them a signed with Avex and worked with them until the end of 2004. They had some success in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Europe, winning Best New Band Award at the Smash Hits Tour in 2002. The band was originally made up of five members, Ryan O'Rian, Shane Creevey, Derek Moran, Damien Bowe and Dane guiden, but became a threesome, however, when Damien and Dane both left for personal reasons.

Did you know?

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